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  • All-in-One Air Purifier for the Entire Home

    When purifying the air in one room in an entire house is not enough, it is best to go with whole house air purifiers.  These purifiers make sure that only clean and fresh air that is free from all sorts of allergens and pollutants is in the house.  With a whole house air purifier, there is only one unit of equipment to deal with to handle the air purifying needs of an entire house.  This eliminates the need to move a smaller air purifier from room to room to purify the air in all rooms in the house – this is quite futile as the air from which the air purifier has been taken out could be polluted or contaminated again as air in another room is being purified.  Those homes with a central air conditioning unit would do well with a whole house air purifier.  The air purifier could be integrated with the air conditioning system using the same ducting.  The condition of the ductwork, however, will influence the efficiency of the air purifier.

    When whole house air purifiers are attached to the central air conditioning unit, the air intake and main return openings are designed in order to result in efficient air purification.  Most of these purifiers require that a distance of the air intake and return openings are at least situated about six feet from each other so that the reintake of the clean air into the air purifier is prevented.  The airflow draws air into the air purifier and then released back into the main system so that it could be circulated throughout the entire house.  It is recommended that the HVAC system that runs in tandem with the air purifier should have a fan that is turned on to allow for better air circulation.  These air purifiers that serve entire homes are able to achieve air changes of about two to four times an hour.  Those requiring at least six air changes an hour should think about investing in separate air purifier units in each room.  Homes about 2000 to 4000 square feet big should benefit from having a whole house air purifier.

    One other particular advantage that whole house air purifiers have is its relatively quiet functioning.  As there is no separate unit inside the rooms themselves, there is no noise to indicate that an air purifying equipment is running.  Most central air purifiers use a combination of filtration methods that clean out the small allergens and pollutants from the air and reduce particulate levels in the air.  These filtration methods would include a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and a post-filter.  HEPA filters remove particulates as small as .3 microns in size.  In some central air purifiers, however, having a fine HEPA filter could hamper the air movement in the HVAC system.  This is why those filters used in some of these air purifiers for whole houses are only fine enough to filter particulates up to 1 to 1.5 microns big.  HEPA filters remain to be more efficient in cleaning out the allergens and pollutants from the air.  Using other purification methods like ultraviolet germicidal irradiation increases the purification effectivity of central home air purifiers.

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